When looking at gardens and ponds, every one of them is unique in it's own special way. Whilst we have a list of the main services available below, here at Dartmoor Pond Services we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a bespoke service to address your needs.

Design and Installation

We can design and construct ponds to sit sympathetically in their environment, whether a wildlife pond, more traditional fishpond or a combination of the two. We generally recommend the use of an high quality flexible liner and underlay with a variety of perimeter finishes to create the result you require. You may have your own plans for the finished product and we are happy to work with your ideas. We can supply and install pumps and filtration systems where appropriate. Soil excavated will normally be spread around the site or used to form a stream or waterfall to enhance the pond. Alternatively this can be loaded into a skip for removal from the site.

Waterfalls and Streams

Dependant upon the site these can be incorporated into the design and include the filtration system. On a suitable site a larger waterfall can be a dramatic feature in its own right.

Planting and Stocking

We can stock the pond and perimeter with suitable plants to help establish a balanced and healthy environment in which wildlife and fish will thrive. Alternatively, we can recommend a planting scheme for you to install. In either case, our recommended supplier is Devon Pond Plants.
Fish should not be introduced until 4-6 weeks after the planting. This permits time for the plants to establish and provide nourishment and shelter for the fish and allows time for the filter process to begin to mature. Again, we can supply fish or recommend quantities and types for you to introduce. Remember, it can take up to a year for the pond ecosystems to balance properly.

Water Features

Where there is limited space or on smaller sites we can supply and install decorative water features which are child friendly. These will still attract birds and other wildlife to your garden. Alternatively, you may have purchased a water feature and would like us to carry out the installation.


All ponds need de-silting or cleaning at some point due to the build up of debris and decomposing biological material on the bottom. This can be unsightly and affect the water quality and general health of the pond. We can empty the pond and clean out the silt and accumulated material ( which can be composted to the garden ). We would then refill using the majority of the original water where possible topped up with suitably treated tap water. Your fish and plants would then be returned to the rejuvenated habitat.

Leak Repairs

Ponds will lose a surprising amount of water due to evaporation in the warmer months, especially when there is little surface plant coverage. However, dramatic water loss is likely due to leakage. If the leak is identifiable it can often be repaired especially if a high quality liner has been installed. Plastic or PVC liners are not always easy to patch. In the case of multiple leaks or liner deterioration it will be necessary to re-line the pond. We are happy to visit and propose the best solution.

Maintenance and Servicing

We offer a regular maintenance and servicing schedule to keep your pond in tip-top condition. This would include testing water quality, removing leaf litter etc from the bottom with a pond vac as well as the ability to service and clean the pumps and filtration units. We can also address blanket weed and green water problems generally using biological solutions.