Shutecombe Farm

Dartmoor Pond Services were recently called in by the new owners of Shutecombe Farm

The old pond fed by a small leat had become totally silted up over the years and resembled an unsightly marsh at the edge of the lawn.

We dredged the pond, saving water plants where practicable, and cleared the overgrown paddock at the far side of the pond. The spoil removed was deposited on the property and graded ready for future planting with wildflower seeds.

Where the leat enters the pond, we constructed a silt trap to provide an accessible position to remove any future silt brought in by the stream to be removed before ,once again clogging up the pond.

The original dam at the leat egress had failed. Dartmoor Pond Services re-modelled the dam and sealed with ‘ Bentomat’ clay liner to maintain the water level in the cleared pond.
The old bridge over the dam had rotted and we replaced it with a hardwood structure ( native chestnut) to provide easy access to the far side of the pond.

The pond has now been planted with a variety of water plants and is attracting a plethora of wild life.