Lower Elsford Farm

A remodel of two silted up farm ponds at a luxury holiday cottage destination set in 30 acres of Dartmoor countryside

The two ponds in the original farmyard of Lower Elsford Farm are filled from a spring fed stream which only flows in the Winter months. The ponds had become silted up over many years and dry out in the Summer.

We dredged the ponds and lined them with ‘ bentomat’ clay liner. We enhanced the pond surrounds with granite boulders which were available elsewhere on the property.

The stream now by-passes the ponds, but has a sluice to allow water to flow through. The sluice can be closed when the stream is in spate, thus preventing further silt being washed into the ponds.
Now the ponds are lined and hold water all year. They are now planted with lilies and a variety of water plants providing a haven for wildlife and an attractive feature to the property all year round.