Bridford Project

Large leaking pond re-modelled, re-lined to attract wildlife

Dartmoor Pond Services were invited by Cathy and Em to provide a solution to the leaking pond they had inherited when they moved to Bridford some years ago.
The pond is viewed from the house with a backdrop of rolling Dartmoor countryside.

We drained the pond, collecting some 60,000 litres of pond water full of insect life for return to the re-modelled pond.
The fish, several hundred, were housed in temporary aerated tankage.

We discovered that the pond had been re-lined several times over the years with a variety of material, ranging from black plastic sheeting to PVC liner. The liners were split and leaking in many places. Dartmoor Pond Services removed the old failed linings and expanded the pond to 25 metre x 17 metre with a maximum depth of 2 metre. We constructed shallower planting shelves of various depths.
A geosynthetic clay liner was installed and covered with spoil from the excavations. The liner is concealed giving a natural appearance to the pond. The covering provides a medium to accept plants without the need of baskets etc.
The original pond had an outline of rocks/stones around the edge. These were re-installed to the banked elevations to replicate exposed natural strata.

We provided a variety of water plants , along with seeds of native bog / marginal plants to start the pond. The pond will continue to mature, attracting a wealth of wildlife over the years to come.

Dear Ellis,the pond is perfect! The plants are growing and the fish are doing well. The water hasn’t cleared much yet but there are oxygenating plants in which are still quite young.Now the grass has grown down to the edge it looks even and correct. We are very pleased.If your in this area do come for a cuppa,we are happy for future clients of yours to visit if they want to see your work.
Many thanks Cathy - July 2019